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In Brass you represent one of eight fantasy cities in two-week tournaments. Every match day you’ll be matched against one other city and a match will be simulated using a hand of 5 cards you picked from your ever growing deck. At the end of each tournament the winners will be rewarded and you’ll be able to start a new tournament with a clean slate.

Prepare Your Hand!

Each day you’ll duel a player from another city, in a certain city. Inspect your opponent’s deck and select your 5 cards that will stand the best chance against this opponent. There are many things you’ll want to take into account when setting up your card lineup for the day. You’ll want to know in which city the match is simulated, which 5 cards your opponent is likely to set up, and which cards of yours play well with others. Come up with a tactic of your liking and win the match!

Open Boosters & Trade Cards!

You probably want to add some new cards to your starter deck as soon as you can. Boosters are a great way of doing this! Each booster has a chance of containing powerful rare cards! Earn in-game currency every day with which you can open up booster packs. Sell or trade cards that don’t fit your play style to other players so you can get more cards to enhance your play style!

Improve Your Cards!

As opposed to physical card games, in Brass you have the option to alter and improve your cards! Feel like your favorite card lacks physical defense? Improve it! Want to add some magic damage to your tank? Go for it! With improvements ranging between 3 and 12 hours, you decide how long your cards are in improvement. Planning is key though, as you can’t play cards that you’re improving!

Match Simulation!

At the end of every match day a match will be simulated between the 5 cards you set up, and the 5 cards your opponent for that day chose to set up. Intelligence is key, as your opponent's card will impact your card effectiveness a lot! It is your task to set up a strategy that uses a combination of your best cards against your opponent.

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Brass is currently in closed Beta and looking for more Beta testers! We'll randomly send Beta keys at the start of each competition to people in our Beta Database. Interested in joining the next Beta Competition? Join our Beta Database below!